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We hope you will find the answer below to any questions regarding the maintenance of your chassis.


The Holiday Home should be sited in accordance with NCC Code of Practice 501 and the Guidelines of Good Practice for the Transportation, Movement Siting, De-siting and Commissioning of single unit Caravan Holiday Homes, as per the British Holiday & Home Park Association handbook.

We would recommend that all Holiday Homes are sited on a solid concrete base. Jacking points are provided to assist the siting process and they are marked on the chassis by a red label (Jacking & Support point). The Holiday homes should be supported by placing axle stands under the longitudinal beam of the chassis at the points indicated by a yellow label (Support point). This is a minimum requirement and additional stands may be required.

The chassis should be secured using the holding down points provided. They are marked on the chassis by a yellow and black label (Holding Down Point).

Failure to use these locations may cause damage and invalidate the warranty.

Corner steadies are only to be used to assist siting. They are not designed to provide a means of permanent support.

Maintenance Painted Chassis (excludes Fusion Galvanised)

Whilst the paint used helps prevent rust, it is recommended the chassis be checked annually for any signs of damage or corrosion. The chassis should be 'touched up' using a coating conforming to specification ISO 12944 C4. Compliant paint can be obtained from Bankside Patterson by calling our customer services department on 01964 545454 or email

Areas requiring repainting should be prepared using a wire brush or abrasive paper to remove rust and flaking paint. Mechanical damage to the paint areas (due to moving or siting) will result in a significant reduction in the paint durability. Any damage must be identified as early as possible and touched up immediately.

Periodic Lubrication

Corner Steadies/Jack stands – Clean, grease and wind each of the four corner steadies/Jack stands through their full range of movement to guard against corrosion and stiffness. Jockey wheel – Clean and oil all moving parts. Hitch head – Clean and oil hitch handle and grease ball area. Wheels and wheel stubs. - Protect tyres from direct sunlight. Tyre pressures should be maintained at the level indicated on the tyre. If wheels are removed after siting then protect the wheel stub with grease.

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See who uses Fusion

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