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Some questions and answers from our customers.

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The galvanised finish on my chassis has gone dull and some grey and black stains have appeared. Is this going to lead to premature corrosion?

As part of the normal aging process, galvanised surfaces form an outer layer of oxide. This protects the reactive zinc and underlying steel from further corrosion. The appearance of the surface ranges from bright silver to dull grey. Exposure to salt spray can change the appearance of newly galvanised surfaces to dull grey or black with white or grey deposits. This does not affect the protective qualities of the finish.

The edges of my galvanised chassis are showing signs of rust

It is most likely your chassis will be a part-galvanised chassis. Part–galvanised chassis are made from pre-coated galvanised steel. When cut, the steel leaves an exposed /unprotected edge. Some manufacturers specify this material as it provides a higher level of corrosion protection than painted chassis. Only fully Hot-dipped and NGII chassis provide 100% galvanised protection.

ISO12944 says the time to first major maintenance of my chassis is 5 years. Does this mean I don’t have to do anything for 5 years?

All chassis will require some periodic maintenance. It is essential your chassis is inspected when first sited to ensure the structure has not been damaged and the finish is intact. Scratches to the paint finish should be sprayed over immediately to prevent premature corrosion. Regular minor maintenance should be anticipated in order to achieve the required life to first major maintenance. Periodically we also recommend you grease the corner steadys, worm screws, hitch and axle stubs. Further information on ISO12944 can be found in our download section.

My new caravan chassis has a thick white powder on it. Is this a product defect?

No. This is condition that is a natural occurrence when new galvanising. The chassis is not considered a cosmetic item and the phenomena will not affect the performance of the chassis coating.

Can I drill a hole in my chassis?

Drilling holes is generally not allowed as you weaken the design of the member as well as leaving it vulnerable to red rust. Drilling holes in the chassis will void any warranty.

What are the differences between a Pre-Galvanised chassis and a fully Galvanised chassis?

Pre-galvanised chassis appear to an untrained eye to be fully galvanised. Holiday home owners are disappointed when their chassis, which they thought was fully galvanised, starts to show signs of corrosion. Yes, the pre-galvanised chassis has galvanised elements but, typically, 50% less Zinc is used in the coating as compared to fully galvanised. In addition, the pre-galvanised process leaves many exposed (raw) edges. Therefore, the same level of maintenance will be required on units with painted chassis or pre-galvanised chassis.

What does anti-corrosion mean with respect to the chassis warranty offered?

The corrosion warranty does not cover cosmetic anomalies including the appearance of surface rust or white rust.

The warranty covers perforation of the steel components or loss of thickness such that the structural integrity of the unit is compromised.

The anti-corrosion warranty is provided on the basis that the appropriate maintence requirements are followed.

My caravan will be on a coastal site, what coating should I insist on?

Painted and pre-galvanised chassis have been provided to parks for decades and it has been largely understood and accepted in the industry that they will likely rust over time. However, in coastal locations where the environment is harsh, rust can appear within a very short period of time…months not years.

A fully galvanised chassis is the ONLY chassis recommended by Bankside Patterson Limited for use in estuaries, coastal* and areas with high salinity.

*Coastal - Definition – In accordance with BS EN ISO 12944-2:1998-Section 5 "Classification of Environments". Bankside Patterson's requirements are that the unit may not be within 5 miles "as the crow flies" from a tidal waterway.

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